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Realist Theories and The Global Arms Trade

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Check out the video @ entitled, “The Global Arms Trade”

Realists see and concern themselves with how the world actually is, as opposed to idealists who focus on factors other than pure power to achieve positive international relations. Two examples of such factors include morality and international organization.

So called realist theories are in effect in the video “Global Arms Trade”, leading to a continuous global arms race between nations escalating military power and spending based on the actions of enemy states. This is an unusual way to reduce arms globally, which most leaders say is the ultimate goal.

The United States has the most powerful military force in the world. But just like the old adage goes, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. And I believe that invading Iraq in 2003 was extremely irresponsible with regards to international relations. Before this, America was seen as the watchdog to the world. Along with allied forces we were there to protect sovereign nations under attack. Then on September 11, 2001, everything changed. After the attacks on 9/11 we could have drawn on the compassion from our neighbors as well as the hostility towards Muslim extremism and built a real coalition of nations against brutal and unnecessary violence. At times violence must be incited to reduce the overall amount of violence, but the invasion of a country  based on very little factual intelligence was a tremendously egregious mistake that America will suffer through for years to come. Nations that once viewed America as the watchdog now see us as nothing more than the neighborhood bully, targeting and attacking anyone that we don’t like and anyone who doesn’t like what we do. It is unfortunate however the treaty was created to minimize civilian casualties in the event of war not to minimize the arms themselves.

This is one of my biggest issues with our country today. How can we as a nation tell other nations they do not have the right to develop and own certain weapons or technology, yet we are privileged enough to create these weapons and sell them to whoever we see fit? Can we not see how this causes a negative outlook on our leaders all over the world? This fuels the Muslim extremist agenda and further gives legitimacy to their claims. It creates a wider and deeper pool for these terrorist organizations to recruit from. The aggressive militaristic power-policies backed by the Bush administration, I believe, was a stark difference to what the founding fathers had in mind when they enabled the President to preside as Commander and Chief of the armed forces. It is a delicate balance of military power with an objective of not being seen as an imperialistic expansionist. It will be an incredible next fear years in American politics to see if President Obama can continue to turn the country back in to a reputable force once again.