Is Globalization Hurting America’s Place Atop Global Domination?

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Globalization has allowed information to flow more freely among citizens of multiple nations. In my opinion this is an important factor of the shifting balance of power from the nation-state to intergovernmental organizations and even individual citizens. I believe that knowledge promotes tolerance and thereby tolerance promotes peace. I also feel that America has a duty and obligation to offer democracy to any nation that wants it without imposing its will by force. Thus globalization can be a positive force for extending peace throughout the world. If we could accomplish this, nations would be able to reduce the capital used on military spending and actually use it to help build up other free-standing democracies. We would all benefit from a stronger global economy. Imagine a Mexico where citizens don’t have to flee the country to find a decent wage. America’s issues at hand all tie in with the main obstacle of globalization. By allowing information, knowledge, and essentially power to stream down to citizens here in America as well as all over the world, the nation-state looses just that – power. We have to focus our goals on promoting equality for every human-being, perhaps another civil rights revolution is in order. But if America leads this front, then we will remain the true superpower well into the twenty-first century.

I do not believe that the alternatives to the nation-state scheme is any better. For instance, having a World government that dictates what every human may or may not do will surely create divisions and war among conflicting interests between differing cultures. And at the opposite end of the spectrum having smaller units of government would lead to corruption and expansionism due to trade disagreements about important natural resources and an inability to enforce rule of law. All of these scenarios would ultimately lead to the devolution of humanity. We cannot accept this.

Ryan C Stith


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