Response to CNN Article on Marco Rubio

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Read the entire article posted on here.
If you think the President does not influence policy set forth by the House of Representatives then we need to take a long look back into history. 

The component missing in the Bush Administration was aggressiveness. Bush did not want to tackle the tough problems of our time, he scoffed at the idea of global warming and climate change, he ignored the growing federal deficit and the obvious outsourcing of jobs due to the worlds second highest corporate tax rate. There seems to be confusion between democrat and progressive. The days of the old spend and tax democrats are over. People will not accept higher taxes, enter the tea party. However many people miss the fact that many progressives don’t want MORE regulation, they want BETTER regulation. While the conservatives take another approach and wish to deregulate all government.

Instead of fighting tooth and nail to keep the GOP CORPORATION viable and profitable, how about they actually work across the isle to build up this great nation once again.

It is shameful how this two party system has destroyed the epitome of DEMOCRACY and replaced it with OLIGARCHIAL CAPITALISM. That’s right I said it.

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