P90X Day 6

Ryan's P90X results Day 6

Ryan's P90X results Day 6

Another Shoulder and Arms workout with P90X. What an extreme workout! Love the Side Tri-Rises and Chair dips. Love to feel the burn in my arms. I’ve attached a day 6 photo and will continue to post updated photos along the way. Here are some other stats for the past week of working out.

I have gone from 140 pounds to 144 since September 1.

I went from 10.2% total body fat to 9.6% since September 1.

My energy level is getting better throughout the day and actually have the stamina and energy to go running with my dog.

P90X is for real! I’m not getting paid to tell you this, but I have never found a workout routine that can whip you into this kind of shape. I honestly feel every muscle in my body working to the extreme, and they love every minute of it!

Granted the workouts can be intimidating for those who are not used to such an intense workout, or even those who just weren’t expecting something so extreme! But stick with it and you will see the results you want and you will love the way you look. I know I know I should get through the first 90 days before I endorse the product right? Maybe so but like I said in just a week I feel results already. I just can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and P90X all over again!


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