Realist Theories and The Global Arms Trade

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Check out the video @ entitled, “The Global Arms Trade”

Realists see and concern themselves with how the world actually is, as opposed to idealists who focus on factors other than pure power to achieve positive international relations. Two examples of such factors include morality and international organization.

So called realist theories are in effect in the video “Global Arms Trade”, leading to a continuous global arms race between nations escalating military power and spending based on the actions of enemy states. This is an unusual way to reduce arms globally, which most leaders say is the ultimate goal.

The United States has the most powerful military force in the world. But just like the old adage goes, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. And I believe that invading Iraq in 2003 was extremely irresponsible with regards to international relations. Before this, America was seen as the watchdog to the world. Along with allied forces we were there to protect sovereign nations under attack. Then on September 11, 2001, everything changed. After the attacks on 9/11 we could have drawn on the compassion from our neighbors as well as the hostility towards Muslim extremism and built a real coalition of nations against brutal and unnecessary violence. At times violence must be incited to reduce the overall amount of violence, but the invasion of a country  based on very little factual intelligence was a tremendously egregious mistake that America will suffer through for years to come. Nations that once viewed America as the watchdog now see us as nothing more than the neighborhood bully, targeting and attacking anyone that we don’t like and anyone who doesn’t like what we do. It is unfortunate however the treaty was created to minimize civilian casualties in the event of war not to minimize the arms themselves.

This is one of my biggest issues with our country today. How can we as a nation tell other nations they do not have the right to develop and own certain weapons or technology, yet we are privileged enough to create these weapons and sell them to whoever we see fit? Can we not see how this causes a negative outlook on our leaders all over the world? This fuels the Muslim extremist agenda and further gives legitimacy to their claims. It creates a wider and deeper pool for these terrorist organizations to recruit from. The aggressive militaristic power-policies backed by the Bush administration, I believe, was a stark difference to what the founding fathers had in mind when they enabled the President to preside as Commander and Chief of the armed forces. It is a delicate balance of military power with an objective of not being seen as an imperialistic expansionist. It will be an incredible next fear years in American politics to see if President Obama can continue to turn the country back in to a reputable force once again.


Week 2 NFL Picks

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Here we go week 2 NFL picks!

I’m taking the Atlanta Falcons over the Arizona Cardinals.

Baltimore will show up today and destroy the Bengals. Today could be the start of UH.OH.TO.

The shining Kansas City defense will keep it close enough with Browns to win in Cleveland.

Dallas Cowboys over the Chicago Bears. A game where both Quarterbacks need to get it together.

Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles will soar over the lowly Detroit Lions without starting Quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Green Bay Packers will defeat the Buffalo Bills.

Titans will put it to the Pittsburgh Steelers as they continue to await the return of Big Ben.

Minnesota Vikings over Miami Dolphins easily.

Tampa Bay Bucs will pick up a big win over the Carolina Panthers.

Denver Broncos over the Seattle Seahawks, but just barely.

St. Louis Rams over the Oakland Raiders.

New England Patriots will get the huge division win over rival New York Jets.

In my upset game of the week I selected Jacksonville to topple the struggling San Diego Chargers.

Houston marches on after a big week one win with a victory over the new-look Washington Redskins.

My New York Giants will beat the Indianapolis colts in Manning / Manning  2 !

And for the Monday Night game New Orleans will score 30 points over San Francisco’s 49er’s 17 points.


Is Globalization Hurting America’s Place Atop Global Domination?

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Globalization has allowed information to flow more freely among citizens of multiple nations. In my opinion this is an important factor of the shifting balance of power from the nation-state to intergovernmental organizations and even individual citizens. I believe that knowledge promotes tolerance and thereby tolerance promotes peace. I also feel that America has a duty and obligation to offer democracy to any nation that wants it without imposing its will by force. Thus globalization can be a positive force for extending peace throughout the world. If we could accomplish this, nations would be able to reduce the capital used on military spending and actually use it to help build up other free-standing democracies. We would all benefit from a stronger global economy. Imagine a Mexico where citizens don’t have to flee the country to find a decent wage. America’s issues at hand all tie in with the main obstacle of globalization. By allowing information, knowledge, and essentially power to stream down to citizens here in America as well as all over the world, the nation-state looses just that – power. We have to focus our goals on promoting equality for every human-being, perhaps another civil rights revolution is in order. But if America leads this front, then we will remain the true superpower well into the twenty-first century.

I do not believe that the alternatives to the nation-state scheme is any better. For instance, having a World government that dictates what every human may or may not do will surely create divisions and war among conflicting interests between differing cultures. And at the opposite end of the spectrum having smaller units of government would lead to corruption and expansionism due to trade disagreements about important natural resources and an inability to enforce rule of law. All of these scenarios would ultimately lead to the devolution of humanity. We cannot accept this.

Ryan C Stith

RE: Globalization of International Relations

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Response to Jason Fay by Ryan C Stith,

I agree with your definition of globalization is challenging the power of the state by increasing the number of significant interests. However the rest of your post seems to be egocentric in nature and extremely offensive to the ‘less fortunate’.

My understanding from your position in this discussion is that you would like to eliminate a specific segment of global society to enhance the living conditions for the remaining world citizens. Let me be very clear about how this sounds. First your post does not offend me, personally. But make no mistake your solution to our problems is the same thing that dictators in the past have proposed whether it was Hitler wanting to cleanse Europe entirely of the Jewish people, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatening to wipe out the entire nation of Israel. The purpose of what you propose is the same – eradicating a significant portion of humanity to secure scarce resources that are deemed essential, like oil, water, geographical locations that are historically and religiously significant.

In the past, when leaders display this type of egocentric thought, it has easily caught on, for instance, when famine sets in and people begin to worry about their own existence, the sense of community breaks down. The people will honestly start to believe that they have a greater right to a specific resource than another group of people. I continue to withhold judgment on anyone because that is not my duty to judge, but what was proposed in the prior post is ignorantly dangerous in the sense of creating a riot mentality.

Think about it, you want to preserve 40% of the “smart” and “rich” population. With your goal of global warming melt-down and death of over 4 BILLION humans you not only wiped out the AID’s infected, homeless, and elderly poor folk; you also just wiped out the entire middle-class. Teachers, nurses, clerks, are all eradicated. More importantly your solution splits families so mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers are killed as well. This is senseless violence with a senseless purpose. We all have the same right to the resources put on this earth and none of us has the right or authority to claim such resources to be exclusive to a specific segment of society and I sincerely hope that our government does not move toward adopting a policy such as this. It would be a return to Imperialism.

Not to mention on a physical level your logic seems irrational. How could one assume that only a portion of society would be eliminated by dangerously increasing O2 levels in the atmosphere. Not just the ‘dumb’ people would die. Everyone that breathes oxygen would perish. But again this goes back to my point of egocentricity aligning the minds of the weak and the weary. When nations begin to crumble this kind of thought is perceived as reality and this is what creates civil wars and genocide.

Ryan C Stith

Original Post by Jason Fay

Globalization is challenging the power of the state by increasing the number of significant interests. We care if China uses lead in their paint because it may affect people in this country, so, we now have interests in our production methods and theirs. That is a lot of people to keep tabs on. Before globalization, Al-Qaida would not have even known that there was a country over here but now our marketers and Christians have spread our ideas across our borders and into the offended minds of loonies. Globalization increases the number of interests so much that the state loses control of itself as a state.

The first two solutions that come to mind come from the anarchist and the anti-Christ. After a little thought, I think the best alternative would be to increase global warming to a point in which 60% of the population was killed off. The ones who are left are smart, lucky, or wealthy and would be spread so far apart that unification would be the only reasonable means of survival. Because books would not be destroyed, through research, we could make better choices and may avoid the nation-state completely in favor our unified goal of global survival and not global rule.

Jason Fay

Allegory Of The Cave

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In Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave, prisoners were held from birth in a cave forced to stare at a blank wall. Reflections created from objects behind the prisoners were the only visions these prisoners ever saw. Plato reflected that if this is all that the prisoners saw, these shadows, that they would believe this to be the most true reality. However if those same prisoners were ever released into the open world they would come to know that what they once saw as real objects and forms were merely a vestige of the true world. This is where the boundary between ignorance and knowledge is crossed by the prisoners.

Once one crosses the threshold of knowledge it opens a litany of other questions which those answers in turn lead to more questions. I’m not sure if I will ever find half of the answers that I am looking for, but I am destined to continue on searching until my time here is through. In cases like this we not only learn a significant lesson about the issue at hand, but we evolve and learn about ourself, which in the long run I believe is important as anything we do in life.

In Summer 2010 I took Introduction to Astronomy and thoroughly enjoyed the class and learning about the composition of our universe. I learned many things in this course that opened my eyes to our world, our human race, our solar system, and even about me as a person. I have never been one to believe that ignorance is bliss, however after really coming to grips with the understanding of how small I am as an individual in the grand scheme of the world’s creation. I am infinitely less than a grain of sand on the shores; truly minuscule on the scale of the universe. Just knowing that the Earth has been around for billions of years and will be here for billions more, makes me think of how insignificant one mans life can really be. So I think of this more often and on a philosophical level I feel unfulfilled and unimportant. I never believed that learning about something that has been a true fact forever, could have such an impact on my entire way of thinking. But it has and I feel that I am stronger for it.

Response to CNN Article on Marco Rubio

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Read the entire article posted on here.
If you think the President does not influence policy set forth by the House of Representatives then we need to take a long look back into history. 

The component missing in the Bush Administration was aggressiveness. Bush did not want to tackle the tough problems of our time, he scoffed at the idea of global warming and climate change, he ignored the growing federal deficit and the obvious outsourcing of jobs due to the worlds second highest corporate tax rate. There seems to be confusion between democrat and progressive. The days of the old spend and tax democrats are over. People will not accept higher taxes, enter the tea party. However many people miss the fact that many progressives don’t want MORE regulation, they want BETTER regulation. While the conservatives take another approach and wish to deregulate all government.

Instead of fighting tooth and nail to keep the GOP CORPORATION viable and profitable, how about they actually work across the isle to build up this great nation once again.

It is shameful how this two party system has destroyed the epitome of DEMOCRACY and replaced it with OLIGARCHIAL CAPITALISM. That’s right I said it.

P90X Day 6

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Ryan's P90X results Day 6

Ryan's P90X results Day 6

Another Shoulder and Arms workout with P90X. What an extreme workout! Love the Side Tri-Rises and Chair dips. Love to feel the burn in my arms. I’ve attached a day 6 photo and will continue to post updated photos along the way. Here are some other stats for the past week of working out.

I have gone from 140 pounds to 144 since September 1.

I went from 10.2% total body fat to 9.6% since September 1.

My energy level is getting better throughout the day and actually have the stamina and energy to go running with my dog.

P90X is for real! I’m not getting paid to tell you this, but I have never found a workout routine that can whip you into this kind of shape. I honestly feel every muscle in my body working to the extreme, and they love every minute of it!

Granted the workouts can be intimidating for those who are not used to such an intense workout, or even those who just weren’t expecting something so extreme! But stick with it and you will see the results you want and you will love the way you look. I know I know I should get through the first 90 days before I endorse the product right? Maybe so but like I said in just a week I feel results already. I just can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and P90X all over again!